We Swim with Dolphins

Panama City Beach is one of the few locations in the world where you can actually get in the water with wild dolphins. You don’t want to miss this amazing experience.

On our unforgettable dolphin and snorkeling tours, we take you on the Gulf of Mexico side of Shell Island to see and swim with the dolphins. It’s an awesome experience for the whole family, and we include everything you need for a great day on the beautiful tropical waters of the Gulf.

We instruct you on when to get in the water to get a closer look and mingle with the dolphins. Once we have spent time with them, which is usually an hour, we take you to the bay side of Shell Island to swim, snorkel, and collect shells and sea life.

The water is calm and shallow, perfect for both children and adults. Our captains get into the water with you and show you all the sea life that Shell Island has to offer. They can grab puffer fish for you, show you how to find sand dollars and starfish, and give you an education on the local ecosystem and Panama City.

Don’t miss out on an amazing day with Florida’s marine life! There’s no better way to enjoy the summer.

Customers from Saltydogs Dolphin Tours have a unique dolphin counter experience

Swim with Dolphins on Panama City Beach


* Complimentary water, ice, and coolers provided

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